Welcome to Drop Bio, we use predictive information from a drop of blood and machine learning to help people understand their health.


Our Mission

Drop Bio is a personalised health information venture based in Australia launching in 2020.

Our mission is to use predictive biomarker information from a drop of blood and machine learning to inform people about their health status. This knowledge will guide people to improve their health, manage lifestyle diseases and contribute to the accelerating global pace of personalised health research.

We are taking advantage of a new understanding of blood biology and its predictive power relating to chronic inflammation and disease risk.


“We see a future where people embrace prevention because they understand their health information.”



Our Chronic Inflammation Focus


Most people have experienced acute (short-term) inflammation, such as a cut or infection, which resolves relatively quickly. However, chronic, or long-term inflammation, has been identified as a major health risk and when unresolved can be harmful to human health.

There is strong evidence that chronic inflammation may be present and go undetected for months or years and is a key risk factor in the development of lifestyle diseases. In fact, two billion people are overweight or obese and over 20 million people die each year from related diseases including diabetes, heart failure and cancer.

Drop Bio is working to deliver personalised, longitudinal and actionable health information to help millions of people and their families understand and actively manage chronic inflammation risk.

We are hiring!

“Technology has made personalised health information possible; we are making it meaningful.”



Get Involved

In 2019 there are exciting opportunities to get involved as:

  • Citizen scientists

  • Health & wellbeing service and product providers

  • Research partners

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