Know what healthy means.

For you.


Drop is a personalised digital health company.

Our mission is to help families better manage their health and receive early warning about chronic disease using machine learning and finger-prick blood conveniently taken at home.

We are creating evidence-based, direct-to-consumer services that combine insight from lifestyle and inflammation bio-markers (genes and blood proteins) to create a personalised view of health over time.

All from a drop of blood.

By helping people own their healthcare data, we design to set new standards in education, regulatory engagement, doctor-patient relationships and data privacy and security.


“We see a future where people embrace prevention because they understand their health information”




Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Drop.
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What is the history of the company?

Drop Bio was established in December 2018 to help families access, understand and act on their unique biology and receive early warning of chronic diseases.

We have launched a women’s health community and expect to start providing insight from finger-prick blood samples from late 2020.

what services will you provide?

We will provide subscription-based packages to help:

  • Women to achieve pre-pregnancy health
  • Men and women to reverse lifestyle disease diagnosis (like pre-type II diabetes)
  • Families to track health and act on early warning of chronic diseases

do you diagnose disease from a drop of blood?

No. We will deliver insights about changes in risk and by the way:

  • We collect blood samples as dried blood spots
  • All samples will be processed in NATA-accredited labs
  • All samples are analysed using standard, high-precision and reliable laboratory technologies
  • Our team of scientists and medical experts uses a robust process and well-established scientific research to develop reports to ensure validity

How will I receive my health data?

Your secure health data will be accessible via smartphone apps and by logging into your online Drop account.

How will my privacy be protected?

You choose how your health information is used and shared with others. The bottom line: We will not share your individual-level information with any third party without your explicit consent.

Can I get involved today?

You sure can! Join our women’s health community or sign up to express interest in joining our trials, working with us as a wellbeing service or a research partner.