All your eggs in one basket


Inflammation really matters to pre-pregnancy health

Based on an extensive meta-analysis of 300+ scientific studies that demonstrated clear links between inflammation markers and pre-pregnancy health, we are building a community and services to help women and their partners on their pre-pregnancy journey.

The journey starts with free education via our weekly newsletter (signup above) and access to The Daily Drop, our private Facebook group which provides a safe space to connect and share advice with other people on the same journey and receive the support you need from our community so you're not travelling this path alone.

Our community will also get early access to a new app that will deliver functional value to women and their partners including ad-free tips, education and expert webinars, period tracker with ovulation calendar, secure milestone sharing, cycle-based insights and physician appointment history.

Also, data privacy and security is very important to us. It’s your data and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We’re excited about helping women understand more about pre-pregnancy health and we look forward to welcoming you to our community!